601 Database: Registration Instructions

For those starting the 601 this summer, please note the following 

Accessing the 601 website requires that you have an Microsoft Office 365 account, while the 601 database itself is available via Lotus Notes.

Formerly, to access the 601 landing page, every student needed to create a Microsoft Office 365 account for himself or herself.

What’s Changing?

Now, the entire Schulich community is in the process of transitioning their Schulich e-mail to O365. This means that:

a) You will soon use O365 to access all of your Schulich e-mail, rather than Lotus Notes.
b) it is no longer necessary (or possible) to create new O365 accounts for students wishing to join the 601 site.

How Do I Access My 601 Materials?

You’ll still do this via the 601 webpage, a site that houses your course outline and materials for the field study. The 601 website also links directly to the 601 database, where you can connect with your team members.

To access the 601 website, use the following process until further notice:

1. Use same URL as always: 601.schulich.yorku.ca

2. Those who HAVE created an O365 Schulich account already should continue accessing the 601 site using their Schulich credentials with the following the adjustment:

Instead of using your regular Schulich email as your username: e.g., jsmith18@schulich.yorku.ca
add the following suffix to your username: jsmith18@schulich.onmicrosoft.com

There is no change to your Schulich associated password.

3. Those who HAVE NOT created an O365 Schulich account must use the generic credentials listed below:

Username: tmba@schulich.onmicrosoft.com
Password: #1schulich

Once you’ve successfully logged on to the 601 landing page, you’ll find a link to 601 Database there.

  4. In future, you may prefer to directly access the 601 Database to connect with your team, and skip the 601 website. To do this via Lotus Notes (and bypass the landing page):
*to those already registered

Use the Lotus Notes Database link: https://athena.schulich.yorku.ca/mgmt6100/601.nsf
Use your regular Schulich e-mail address along with its associated password: e.g., jsmith18@schulich.yorku.ca


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