For those starting the 601, please note the following:

How Do I Access My 601 Materials?

You will do this via Sharepoint, a site that houses your course outline and materials for the field study. The 601 website also links directly to the 601 database, where you can connect with your team members.

To access the 601 website, use the following process until further notice:

1. Visit

2. Read the landing page course outline, forms and other details.

3. Visit the 601 database by selecting it in the top bar menu:

4. In future, you may prefer to directly access the 601 Database to connect with your team, and skip the 601 website. To bypass the landing page:

Use the direct Database link also found in your MySchulich student portal:
Use your Passport York ID and associated password to authenticate.

If you have trouble accessing the site, please email and/or