Alternate Education Resources for Ontario (AERO)

Textbooks are a critical part of a student’s success. Most students simply get their textbook list, go to the student bookstore and buy their texts. But for students who have a perceptual disability, it’s not that simple. They often need to take an extra step to get their textbooks in a format they can use. AERO – Alternative Education Resources for Ontario – makes it easier for everyone. This service helps students get their textbooks in the alternative format they need – faster and in better quality than ever before.

What is AERO?
AERO is a secure web-based online service that provides alternative-format textbooks. For example, students who are blind or have low vision can have their textbooks converted to Braille, large print or digital audio. If a textbook is not available, AERO works with the publisher and partners to provide the student with the text in the format he or she needs.

Students who are registered with Counselling & Disability Services and receive accommodations for alternate texts should contact their instructors for information.

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