Attendance, Enrolment, Wait lists, Religious Accommodation

Please review the following information about attendance, enrolment, wait lists, and religious accommodation:      

Attendance is required at all classes, especially the first and second weeks. You can be de-enrolled if you do not attend the first (and/or second) class.  Unless you have agreed upon an absence ahead of time with an instructor, they have the right to inform Student Services to remove you from a course for an unexplained absence.

Enrolling without Permission:  

You may enrol into courses without permission up to the end of the first week of classes, if there is space.  Add your name to the wait list if a course is full or spaces are reserved. 
 Remember to remove yourself from a wait list if you are no longer interested in a course.  

Enrolling with Instructor Permission: 

After the first week,
you may only enrol into courses with the permission of the instructor. The wait list will no longer be in effect.  Instructors wishing to have students in their class will indicate their approval for enrolment by completing an Enrol with Instructor Permission Form (Graduate),  It is your responsibility to request permission from the instructor using the required form. (Individual studies excluded, use Individual Study form).  

Use the Enrol with Instructor Permission form during the following term dates only:  

Term W2: January 12-18
Term WP: January 19-25
Term C: January 12 – 18
Term N: March 2 – 8

After this period, you are no longer able to add yourself to courses using a form (petition required), and you may not attend classes if not formally enrolled.

Auditing:  ‘Auditing’ classes at Schulich is not permitted, you must be formally enrolled in all classes you are attending.  

Upcoming religious accommodation: If, because of religious commitment, you cannot meet academic obligations on certain holy days (other than formally scheduled examinations in December and April), you are responsible for giving your instructor(s) reasonable notice (not less than 14 days), for each conflict.  

We hope this is helpful as you begin your studies. Wishing you success this term!  

Schulich Student Services
W262P, Schulich School of Business
416-736-5303, option 2

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