10 Things to Know About October Convocation

You've made it grads! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Schulich. Below is a handy list of things to remember, prepare for and expect at convocation on October 19, 2016 at 3:30pm. 1. Ensure you RSVP online. When you do so, have your credit card at the ready for robe rentals and a printer for printing [...]

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Get an Edge on Your Research! Fall 2106 Academic Workshops

Please note that registration is now closed for this Fall 2016 academic workshop series. Please check back later in the term for details on our next scheduled workshops! [hr] The Fall term is underway! You've attended classes, reviewed your syllabi, and are starting to map your assignments between now and December. Now is a critical time [...]

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Introduce Your Significant Other to Schulich!

Significant Others of Schulich Association When you’re undertaking an intense academic program, it’s an exciting, demanding, busy time that often results in changes to your lifestyle. It’s a transition not only for you as a student, but for the important people in your life too. Take the opportunity to introduce your spouses and partners to your [...]

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The 2016 Schulympics!

Schulich Graduate Students: It’s that time of year again — a new academic session, new classmates, and the GBC’s anticipated fall tradition Schulympics! Schulympics is organized and operated by the Graduate Business Council (GBC), Schulich’s graduate student government, with the purpose of fostering meaningful connections among new and returning students while nurturing Schulich spirit. Year after [...]

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Starting Your Schulich Degree with Confidence: Flying Start 2016

Your first term of your Masters degree at Schulich is approaching. Prepare yourself for success in the program! Whether you’re entering your program from a non-business background or simply want to brush up on your foundational knowledge in a few key areas, get Schulich-ready with FLYING START: Schulich's very own Prep Course. The prep course is [...]

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Celebrate the end of Summer Academics at Wonderland!

Join your colleagues on July 30 to ring in the summer and celebrate the end of academic sessions. The Graduate Business Council is organizing a trip to Canada's Wonderland and asks you to join in the fun! [button link="https://www.tilt.com/tilts/canadas-wonderland-schulich-trip-student-package"]Sign up here![/button] Event details: Event date: Saturday, July 30, 2016 Event time: 11am - 5:30pm Student Package [...]

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