Confirmation to work off campus

If you are an international student that received their study permit prior to June 1, 2014, you may be asked for a confirmation to work off campus either by your employer or when you are applying for a Social Insurance Number.

Please review the following Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) links to request this confirmation:

1. Review the Work Off Campus page on the CIC website

2. Request a letter from Schulich’s Student Services. When filling out the .pdf form, please indicate both “Confirmation of registration” and “Other: work authorization CIC” so that Student Services can be sure to provide the information requested by CIC (quoted below)

“have a proof of enrolment from your designated learning institution. The proof of enrolment must include the following:

  • The official letterhead of the designated learning institution;
  • The designated learning institution’s name;
  • The name of a contact at the institution;
  • Your full name and date of birth; and
  • Confirmation that you are a full-time student, and
  • Confirmation that the program in which you are enrolled:
    • is a post-secondary program leading to a degree, diploma or certificate (ESL/FSL programs and general interest programs are not eligible), or a vocational training program at the secondary level offered in Quebec;
    • is of a duration of six months or more; and
  • Note: To facilitate processing of your request, the confirmation of enrolment may also include: the DLI number of the institution; and the position title, and telephone number of a contact at the institution.” (CIC, Accessed July 8, 2014) *Refer to links above for most up-to-date information

3. Submit a Case Specific Enquiry online. Please include the following information when submitting the form (quoted below). Note: There is no cost to request this confirmation from CIC.

“To receive a confirmation letter, you must:

  • select ‘International Student – Confirmation letter to work off campus’ in the form below,
  • provide your client ID number (unique client identifier),
  • provide your file number (study permit number), and
  • attach your Letter of Enrolment or Letter of Acceptance from a designated learning institution.” (CIC, Accessed July 8, 2014) *Refer to links above for most up-to-date information
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