Countdown to Summer 2015: What you need to know

Here’s all you need to know about attending classes, enrolment, wait lists and academic accommodation.

Attendance: Attendance is required at all classes. You can be de-enrolled if you do not attend the first and/or second class, unless you have an agreed upon absence ahead of time.  Solution?  Consult with your instructor and Student and Enrolment Services for all absences, especially in the first two weeks.

Not enrolled in the first week?   After Week 1, you may only enrol with the permission of the instructor. Wait lists are no longer in effect. Instructors wishing to have students in their class will indicate their approval for enrolment by completing an Enrol with Instructor Permission FormYou must initiate the request. (For Individual studies, use the Individual Study Form).  Use the Enrol with Instructor Permission form during the following term dates only:

Term S: May 2-8
Term SW: April 25-May 1
Term E: May 2-8
Term G:  June 13-19

All deadlines are strictly enforced. If you are unable to enrol by the respective deadline, please contact Student and Enrolment Services to discuss a revised study plan with an academic advisor, at, or 416.736.2100 ext. 77971.

Auditing: ‘Auditing’ classes at Schulich is not normally permitted (requires an additional cost + agreement with the instructor and Director of Student Services). You must be formally enrolled in all classes you are attending.

Academic Accommodation:  Read more about the process that students with disabilities must follow to ensure that accommodations are in place in the classroom to promote your full academic ability.

Financial Aid: Summer Masters Level Bursary funding for continuing students will be available for the Summer term. The application along with information and deadline date will be emailed out to everyone during the first week of May.

Convocation awards are all automatic, recipients will be notified.

Any external awards and scholarships that may become available will be updated on our website and blog as they come in (typically not many are available in the summer).


Questions?  We’re in W262P SSB, 416-736-5303 (option 2),

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