Express Printing Comes to Bronfman!

The Bronfman Library recently acquired two express print computers. Students can use these computer stations to quickly send their print jobs to the Bronfman Library printers. One of the computers is located in the Reference Collection room, while the other computer is beside one of the flatbed scanners in the Photocopier Room. We hope that these dedicated express print computers will help students send their assignments, powerpoint slides, and reading materials to the printers more quickly from now on.

While the computers do have internet access, they are meant to be used for two main reasons:

  • Sending print jobs to the Bronfman Library’s printers
  • Conducting quick searches for books and other resources in the Library’s catalogue

To use the Express Print Computers, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to an Express Print Computer with your Passport York
  • Open up your print job on the computer (ex. from your email, Dropbox account, or USB key)
  • We recommend downloading the document instead of printing directly from the internet browser
  • Hit Ctrl + P to pull up the printing options (select options such as colour, black & white, or double-sided printing)
  • After you have selected your printer options, hit OK to send your print job to the printing queue
  • You can then release your print job at one of the three Bronfman Library printers by swiping your YUcard and hitting print

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the Bronfman Library.

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