New to Toronto This Winter? 3 Ways to Feel More at Home

Transitioning to a new place can be difficult and, in some cases, stressful. Your friends on the Graduate Business Council want you to know: they’ve been there!

To help you transition into Canada and to the big beautiful city of Toronto, the GBC, representing all Masters level students at Schulich, has developed the three exciting programs.

Learn more below. We encourage you to take advantage of these initiatives:

1. The GBC Buddy Program

Register here and the GBC will pair you with a buddy based on your interests and preferences. A Buddy is a current student at Schulich who has been in your shoes not long ago. He/she will be your friend as you move to Canada and get settled in your new home. Buddies are a great resource to ask questions about the community, student life, groceries, transit, currency, healthcare services and more! Feel free to reach out to your buddies and ask them any questions that are weighing on you. If you have any trouble connecting with your buddy, email Nomi Jain at

Learn more about some recent Schulich buddies here!


2. Chat with the GBC

Beginning this year, the GBC will host weekly chats where up to ten incoming students can register each week to speak to the GBC leadership team and learn about clubs, success tips, and student life in general. Sessions are starting over the Winter Break, so you have an opportunity to connect with the GBC prior to your arrival at Schulich in January.

Please register at based on your availability. The date of the session will be 23rd or 26th of December at 12.30 AM EDT.

Sign up to chat with the GBC!


3. Take a Tour

The GBC wants to be there for you when you finally arrive in Canada. Volunteer students from the current class will take their incoming international schoolmates on a guided tour around the campus and to nearby stores. Trips are also planned for downtown Toronto in groups of 3-5 on specific dates.

Add your name to the tour list here!


Questions? Concerns? Please reach out to the GBC International Affairs Director Nomi Jain at

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