Series: Meeting the Inaugural MMKG Class

By Thomas Nolan, MMKG candidate, Schulich GradBlog Contributor

The students of the Master of Marketing (MMKG) program, the first program of its kinds in Canada, have just finished their fifth week in the program. Group projects, case studies and Executive Memos are just a few of the assignments our class is already working on.

The program is designed to prepare students for careers in the field of marketing. Its fast-paced and challenging curriculum is suited for students from a variety of academic backgrounds, and my class represents many – from healthcare to computer science to sales.

Once the program is complete, my colleagues and I will be armed with knowledge of digital marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, marketing analytics, professional selling, brand management and how to make financial decisions in the field of marketing. The courses have a focus on “learning by doing” and case studies.

In celebration of our inaugural class, this is a great opportunity to introduce a couple of my fellow students from the 2018/2019 MMKG class.

Meet Rebecca & Nitesh:

(Left) Rebecca Varghis, MMKG 2019 candidate and (Right) Nitesh Lal, MMKG 2019 candidate

Where are you originally from?

Rebecca: I’ve lived in the Greater Toronto Area for most of my life. I’m originally from Kerala, a southern state in India.

Nitesh: I’m from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

What’s your academic background?

Rebecca: I am a Bachelor of Technology graduate, majoring in Biotechnology, from the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. I also hold an Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology and a Business Management Certificate from Mohawk College.

Nitesh: I hold a Bachelor of Computer Applications & Master of Computer Applications.

What are some of your interests, hobbies or passions?

Rebecca: My interests lie in biotechnology, education and music. My hobbies include learning languages, trying the newest cafes or restaurants with my friends and singing. I have a passion for traveling and have visited 17 countries (and hope to visit more).

Nitesh: I am immensely passionate about marketing, politics and Shakespeare renditions.

A typical week for MMKG students includes amazing conversations about upcoming trends in marketing with highly passionate classmates, working on intellectually stimulating projects, and fun!



What are you hoping to achieve after your program is complete?

Rebecca: Saying that I am a dynamic person may sound a bit cliché, but this is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue the Master of Marketing(MMKG) degree at the Schulich School of Business. My goal upon completion of the MMKG, is to have the abilities to be dynamic in my career as well. I hope to gain experience and insight across different industries from a marketing point of view, and to be able to use this dynamic marketing skill set to work in the biotechnology, food and technology industries.

Nitesh: I am hoping to start a career as an Account Manager-Marketing in a top tier firm.

What’s one experience typical of any week in the MMKG?

Rebecca: We are constantly encouraged to develop our creativity by thinking outside of the box, in order to become exceptional marketers.

Nitesh: A typical week for MMKG students includes amazing conversations about upcoming trends in marketing with highly passionate classmates, working on intellectually stimulating projects and fun, obviously.


Nice to meet you, Rebecca and Nitesh!

Stay tuned for more introductions to members of the MMKG class.

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