Support for Students With Disabilities

As Fall Term approaches, Student & Enrolment Services is committed to promoting your full academic ability. Below is the process that students with disabilities must follow to ensure that accommodations are put in place to support you: Step 1: If you have a documented disability, you must register with Counselling and Disabilities Services (CDS) right away. [...]

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Alternate Education Resources for Ontario (AERO)

Textbooks are a critical part of a student’s success. Most students simply get their textbook list, go to the student bookstore and buy their texts. But for students who have a perceptual disability, it’s not that simple. They often need to take an extra step to get their textbooks in a format they can use. AERO [...]

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Access York Student Roundtable

4th Annual Roundtable Discussion WHEN: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013. TIME: 2pm – 4pm WHERE: 280N York Lanes Please RSVP: Access York invites you to the 4th Annual Roundtable Discussion for Students with Disabilities and students encountering disabling barriers at York University. The Roundtable aims to provide a constructive and safe space for students experiencing barriers [...]

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