Careers in Accounting Networking Breakfast

Each Winter term, the Career Development Centre hosts a series of Networking events in an effort to give YOU the opportunity to network with top-notch professionals that are currently working in what we like to call ''the real world!"  You will have an opportunity to discuss challenges, career trends, opportunities, and all other issues that are [...]

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Get a Flying Start on Your MBA!

Whether you’re entering the MBA program from a non-business background or simply want to brush up on your foundational knowledge in a few key areas, get MBA-ready with FLYING START: Schulich's very own MBA Prep Course! The prep course is ideal for students with limited working exposure to core business disciplines, providing them with fundamental skills [...]

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Join the Pros – become a Chartered Professional Accountant

Prepare for a successful career in the world of business or finance in Canada, as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) - the credential that will advance your knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed. CPAs are in high demand in every sector of the economy. Find out how you can join the ranks of Canada’s top decision-markers [...]

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CA Accreditation News

Exciting news for all accounting majors.  Our MBA program has recently been accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO).  Accounting majors that complete the accredited courses with the required minimum 'B-" GPA will be eligible for direct entry into the ICAO's Professional Program upon obtaining employment in a CA Training Office. We are also introducing a new elective [...]

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