Putting the "I" in IMBA: Regina's Story

Regina Muggenburg Esteinou International MBA Candidate, Class 2016 I chose the IMBA because I was interested in a program that exposed me to a truly international environment and the diversity at Schulich was the best match.My experience as an international student has been great! I’ve loved meeting people from all around the world and with such [...]

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Putting the "I" in IMBA: Anastassia's Story

Anastassia Chouryguina IMBA candidate, 2016 I joined the IMBA program in September 2014. My decision to apply was very quick and somewhat last minute – a very unusual behaviour for me. But in life I've realized that some of the most memorable experiences are unplanned - and the IMBA was proof of that. I chose the [...]

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Putting the "I" in IMBA: Vincent's Story

Vincent Xingwen Fu, 2016 IMBA Candidate Vincent Xingwen Fu When I entered this program, I came from a background in accounting, with previous experience at one of the Big Four firms in China. I chose to apply for the IMBA program because I hope to develop a global mindset while strengthening my finance skills. [...]

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Get a Flying Start on Your MBA: Here's How

Starting any degree is exciting, but starting your MBA at a globally renowned school like Schulich? It’s a big life event. As such, you’re likely eager to prepare yourself the best you can to succeed. In that spirit, each year Graduate Admissions offers a  4-day MBA/IMBA prep course to newly admitted students. This power event is [...]

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The First Two Months: Michael A. Power's Student Experience

The last two months have flown by, in a blur of papers, projects, presentations and events.  I was thinking a brief recap is in order and if you don't mind reading I'll share what I learned and enjoyed along the way. My experience started with the GBC’s Schulympics, a great weekend where I met some of you brilliant and [...]

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NEW Course Sections for Winter 2014

JUST ANNOUNCED, the following course sections will be offered in Winter 2014 and enrolment is now open! FINE 6875 Alternative Investments (Wednesdays 11:30-14:30, Keele campus)  SGMT 6150 The Board of Directors and the Governance of Public Corporations (Monday eve, Nadal campus) [button link="https://wrem.sis.yorku.ca/Apps/WebObjects/REM.woa/wa/DirectAction/rem" color="red" window="yes"]Click here to enrol![/button] FINE 6875 3.0 Alternative Investments Pursuant to the [...]

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