NEW Course Sections for Winter 2014

JUST ANNOUNCED, the following course sections will be offered in Winter 2014 and enrolment is now open! FINE 6875 Alternative Investments (Wednesdays 11:30-14:30, Keele campus)  SGMT 6150 The Board of Directors and the Governance of Public Corporations (Monday eve, Nadal campus) [button link="" color="red" window="yes"]Click here to enrol![/button] FINE 6875 3.0 Alternative Investments Pursuant to the [...]

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Student Spotlight on Sarah Coyle: Stepping Back into the Classroom

From coffees in the library to Skype meetings at night, the learning environment has definitely evolved since the last time I was a student. Apart from the numerous changes in the classroom, the last ten years have also produced many personal and professional changes.  Now that I’ve stepped back into the classroom, I’m excited to bring [...]

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Electives Spotlights: Winter 2014

Featuring: FINE 6860 Retirement Incoming Planning Models (Monday eve, Keele campus) | MKTG 6100 P Strategic Market Communications (Weekends, Keele campus) | MKTG 6360 Marketing Metrics (Tuesday eve, Keele campus) | MGMT 6600 Social Innovation and the Structure of Global Poverty (Tuesday eve, Keele campus) | NMLP 6960 Financial Management and Business Planning in the Nonprofit [...]

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Schulich’s 4 Day, Can’t Miss Power Event

Incoming Student Series What do Santiago Ardila (MBA Candidate 2014), Shweta Harwalkar (MBA Candidate 2014), Chris Cowperthwaite (MBA 2012), Sudeep Garg (MBA 2012), and Jessica Bryson (MBA 2012) have in common? Their #1 pre-MBA tip for incoming students is to get a “Flying Start”! Flying Start is the MBA/IMBA Prep Course offered by Schulich’s Graduate Admissions [...]

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Save the REVISED Date – Launch Week 2013

Incoming Student Series **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT** For all incoming MBA, MPA, IMBA, and MSBA students, your Launch Week schedules have been revised. View the latest programming here and please save the dates according to the revised schedule that pertains to your section. A summary of the revisions is provided below: Full Time MBA/IMBA/MPA/MSBA students, Thursday’s schedule (September [...]

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