I/MBA Study Tour Info Session

Take your education on the road with the following Study Tour: I/MBA: Sustainability  and Innovation in Chile & Peru April 2019 Study Tours utilize a mix of lectures, in-class discussions, and company visits that will take place during pre-departure lectures and a short, multi-day study tour in Brazil or Chile and Peru. Students will participate in [...]

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Ineō Orientation

For incoming I/MBA Students, Fall 2018 Ineō [i'ne.o]: Latin for "I begin; I undertake" (a certain activity, enterprise, business) Ineō is the name given to your I/MBA orientation at Schulich. After listening to student feedback, we've redesigned the orientation experience and its learning outcomes to better support incoming students. Ineō encompasses many different activities designed to [...]

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601 Kick-Off: Winter 2018

This event is mandatory for all students starting the 601 in Winter 2018 and Summer 2018 exchange groups. What Happens at the 601 Kick-off? Simulated Phase 1 Experience: Preparation is required; 601 groups are to complete and present a case study. Please refer to the e-mail you received from the 601 office Key Phase 1 Deliverables [...]

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