Seats Available: Don't Miss These Great Electives!

It’s time to choose your electives for the upcoming academic year! Below are some great choices that still have space. For full course offerings refer to the Schulich Course database. Don’t forget to use the Visual Schedule Builder to conveniently map your electives. Enrol today and finish planning your year! Fall 2016 Electives ENTR 6645 3.00: [...]

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Explore Public Sector Management!

Take on the challenges of contemporary management in the public sector with this exciting new elective course! PUBL 6050 3.00 Managing for Public Purpose The public sector is a major force shaping the business environment. The mission of public managers and governments is to create public value, regulating, enabling and partnering with business in the process. [...]

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Great MBA 1 Electives

Trying to find the right MBA 1 elective for Winter 2016? Browse these options and consult your Academic Handbook to learn more.   Expand your industry specific knowledge with one of Schulich’s unique offerings.  ARTM 6301 3.00 - ISSUES IN ARTS & CULTURAL MANAGEMENT explores the dynamics of different perspectives on the human and economic resources [...]

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Featured Electives for Fall 2013

Preparing for fall and need another elective or two to complete your enrolments? Here are some great suggestions to consider: [button link="" color="red" window="yes"]Click here to enrol![/button] [box] BSUS 6600 3.00 Sustainability and Carbon Finance (pre-req. FINE 5200 3.00 and ECON 5100 3.00), Thursdays 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, with Perry Sadorsky This course introduces the problem of climate change and [...]

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Great Summer Electives

Planning on studying this summer and need another elective or two to complete your enrolments? Here are some great suggestions to consider: ECON 6510 3.00 Applied International Economics (pre-req. ECON 5100 3.00) Gain a better understanding of international economic forces at play from the perspective of the firm and the nation. An invaluable course for students [...]

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Learn more about specializing in Finance & Financial Services

- A session brought to you by Student Services  Are you interested in pursuing a career in Finance or Financial Services and want to learn more about what courses will support your career objectives? Join us on March 20, 2013, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in W257 for this important information session. -          Associate Professor of Finance [...]

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