An Open Letter To My Fellow & Prospective MBAs

By Yuting Chu, MBA Candidate 2017 Every day I am constantly inspired by the students around me. I’m inspired by my Vietnamese colleague who chooses to share his success by spending countless hours tutoring high school students so that they can pass brutal entrance exams and move on to a better life. I’m inspired by the [...]

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Meet Your New GBC President, Catherine Farrell

A great leader is someone who can personally identify with the people she leads. That’s what is so wonderful about this year’s Graduate Business Council: its president (your president) Catherine Farrell is both a leader and a friend; as passionate as she is approachable; and a true embodiment of the student interests she works to protect. [...]

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Running for GBC Executive elections: Journey of a hopeful candidate!

It was around this same time last year in January when announcements were made calling for candidates to run for an Executive position on the Graduate Business Council (GBC) for 2013-2014. I recall I decided not to run for a position after giving it some serious thought. Then on February 7, 2013, the last day possible [...]

Schulich serves up another successful French Toast Breakfast for the United Way

More than 336 servings of French toast were dished out at the fourth annual Schulich French Toast Breakfast in support of the United Way on Tuesday. Overall, the capstone event for the York Cares campaign raised $948 for the United Way, a 31 per cent increase over last year. “This annual tradition is a delicious way [...]

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