Putting the "I" in IMBA: Aqib’s Story

IMBA candidate Aqib Majeed has already taken his degree across borders; first to a work term in Kiev, Ukraine, and now on exchange in Milan. At tech startup Preply, Aqib brought his background in information technology, marketing and sales to his role as Country Manager for Canada. His objective was results-driven business development initiatives for the [...]

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Running for GBC Executive elections: Journey of a hopeful candidate!

It was around this same time last year in January when announcements were made calling for candidates to run for an Executive position on the Graduate Business Council (GBC) for 2013-2014. I recall I decided not to run for a position after giving it some serious thought. Then on February 7, 2013, the last day possible [...]

Is it helpful to think in terms of "a career" anymore?

The dictionary has two very distinct definitions of career. The first (noun form) refers to an "occupation undertaken for a significant period of time with an opportunity for progress" [1]. This very succinctly states how most of us see our work: it is something that we do for 30-40 years of our life. A job in [...]

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And Now For Something Completely Different… the Miller-Jones Interview

*Mike Miller (MM) yells across the Marketplace*: “JONES! You have time for a coff'?” Will Jones (WJ): “Yeah, let’s do it.” *WJ drinks a coffee and eats a sandwich in the Marketplace, while getting crumbs and mustard all over the Marketplace floor* MM: “You see, this is why we have ants.” WJ: “Why are you wearing [...]

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