Waitlist 101

Summer 2019 Wait List opens on Monday, March 25 at 9:00 am

If you receive a “full” or “spaces reserved” message while enrolling, you will need to add yourself to the waitlist at http://waitlist.schulich.yorku.ca.

Here are some important reminders for using the Wait List:

  • You can add yourself to a maximum of three wait lists.

  • Wait List assessments will begin on Monday, April 1. Student & Enrolment Services assesses the wait list regularly and sends a notification to your Schulich email if you are granted permission.

  • You have a limited window to enrol in the course(s) once you receive permission. If you do not enrol within the time permitted, the space is granted to the next student on the wait list. Check your Schulich email regularly!

  • Permission from the wait list is not guaranteed; please ensure you are enrolled in a full course load in the event that permission is not granted.


Take me to the Wait List


Contact Student and Enrolment Services: studentservices@schulich.yorku.ca / 416.736.5303 or book a 1-1 advising appointment.

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