Winter 2012 Enrolment Check List

The Winter term is almost here!   Please note the following reminders:

  • Review all Sessional Dates on the Schulich ‘Enrolling in Classes’ link.
  • Mark your Exam dates on your calendar for all of your winter exams using the EXAM code/date on the Course Offerings site.
  • Enrol in last minute Winter courses at
  • Check your place on the wait list (if applicable) at If a spot opens up, you are notified via Lotus Notes and will have one day to enrol yourself online. You should also attend the first class as attendance is mandatory at all classes; if you do not, you may be denrolled.
  • Apply for a Leave of Absence if you are taking two semesters off in a row (eg. Fall & Winter semesters). To do so, contact Praveen Muruganandan.
  • Enrol in full time in 12.00 EXCH xxxx courses if on Exchange
  • Review Electives Series Videos on the Student Portal, in your Useful Links
  • Change to full-time or part-time status if needed until Tuesday, January 3. Get the form online or in Student Services, W262 Schulich.
  • Verify start dates at other schools and attend classes if you have been approved for one outside of Schulich or York.

As always, contact Student Services for help or academic advising at 416-736-5303 (option 2).


ACTG 4720 Y/ACTG 6720 X and ACTG 4200 R/ACTG 6200 F will follow the undergraduate schedule of teaching weeks as in prior years.  UG Sessional dates are located on the Registrar’s Office Current Student Web site.



  • Starting 601 in Winter?  You must officially enrol in MGMT 6090 0.00 (Formation portion) on the York Enrolment System, and pay fees for the term.
  • MGMT 6100 3.00  (the credit portion of the course) may be placed in the Winter 2012 or Summer 2012 semester.
  • You also must register on the 601 database ( to signal your intent to start the 601.
  • We do not retroactively add MGMT 6100 (or any course) if you change your mind about when to place it in your schedule.
  • The 601 project is taken during the last two terms of study.
  • However, part-timers, before you enrol, you must have a) the successful completion of all 5000-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses, b) the successful completion of SGMT 6000 3.00, and c) the successful completion of at least 4 elective courses.
  • Full-timers, you must have successfully completed all 5000-series Core Courses, and have taken or be taking SGMT 6000 3.00.
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