Word to the Wise: Advice for Incoming MBA Students (Part 2)

Incoming Student Series

Are you anxiously awaiting the beginning of classes in September? To connect you with sage advice from recent graduates, we bring you this last and final instalment of words of wisdom from students who were in your shoes not too long ago…

Jeff Austin (MBA June ’13)

Katerina Nikitenko (MBA Oct ’13)

Teehij Kaul (MBA June ’14)

Victoria Dawson (MBA June ’13)

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#7d147d”]Classes start in less than two weeks! What are can’t-miss items to attend to for this last stretch of summer?[/typography]

Teehij: If you do all of this, you will be all set!
a) Attend an ACP session, Flying Start, and GBC socials
b) Network, network, network with current students, alum, other incoming students, current work supervisor/mentor (keeping them updated about your activities for the next couple of months)
c) Confirm your housing (and figure out your finances)
d) Follow your Graduate Business Council (GBC) on Facebook and other social media platforms
e) Read and bookmark @theMarketplace (GradBlog)
f) Plan your textbook purchases – check out the York U Bookstore and the GBC textbook exchange
g) Plan a trip or spend quality time with family/friends etc
h) New to Canada Orientation for international students
i) Meet up with new students in your cohort/section
j) Get on LinkedIn! Once school starts, you won’t have the time to start creating your profile

Victoria: Get OUTSIDE as much as possible. Once classes settle in and the weather starts cooling off, you’ll wish you had! As an incoming student, go to at least a few of the pre-info-session sessions hosted by the CDC (e.g., Resume & Cover Letter Workshop, Dressing to Impress). Heading into recruiting season, these are a must, and will give you a good idea of what to expect in your graduating year. I, myself, was COMPLETLEY unprepared for how intense those first few weeks of classes and recruiting were.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#7d147d”]What was your hands-down, favourite, most enriching elective course and why?[/typography]

Katerina: Managing Globally: Past Present and Future (SGMT 6720 3.00, with 2013 Seymour Schulich Teaching Excellence Award winner Matthias Kipping). This is a course on the history of business, something you won’t study on your own. Business history is tied to general history and how they affected each other. “Those who don’t know the past cannot own the future.”

Victoria: Business Administration and the Law (MGMT 6200 3.00 with Peter MacDonald). It was the most enriching course I took. It was also the most difficult, but learning the basics of business law, including business partnerships, liability, and patents, should be mandatory for all B-School students!

Jeff: Intermediate Financial Accounting I (ACTG 6120 3.00 with various instructors). I took the course in the first semester of my Accelerated MBA. Since I had chosen to focus on finance, and had been out of university for 7 years, this course helped to refresh and bolster my knowledge of the vital corporate financial statements. This served me well in all my finance classes since using and decoding annual reports and financial statements is crucial to financial analysis.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#7d147d”]If I could go back  I wish I had known…[/typography]

Katerina: Best group/board decisions are NOT the ones that are accepted by the majority of votes. Skype meetings and GoogleDocs are not substitutes for real meetings. If you don’t know or if you are not feeling confident about your piece of work, let others know (in group work). Be up front. (Also, I wish I knew what a case interview was before coming into the MBA.)

Jeff: If I could offer an important piece of advice to Accelerated MBA students it would be to spend the summer before school starts preparing for the busy recruiting month of September. This means updating and revising your resume for your career of choice, creating a cover letter template, practicing for interviews, and meeting with career advisors at the CDC. In September you need to be prepared to balance the heavy school workload, attending employer information sessions, applying for jobs, and preparing for interviews.

For a complete guide to case interviews, visit the CDC website and explore the Student Career Portal (Job Searching Tools > Interviewing > Case Interviews).

See our blog post on how to make the most of September Career Month to help guide your preparations.

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