By Yuting Chu, MBA Candidate 2017

Every day I am constantly inspired by the students around me.

I’m inspired by my Vietnamese colleague who chooses to share his success by spending countless hours tutoring high school students so that they can pass brutal entrance exams and move on to a better life.

I’m inspired by the young Indian woman who quit a lucrative and prestigious job with Xerox, a global corporation, and instead joined Teach for India to educate street children so that they can escape a life of poverty.

I’m inspired by the Investment Banker who freely offers his experience and expertise to fellow classmates struggling with Finance and Quant courses.

At Schulich, I discovered expert faculty who are personally committed to my education, learning, and my success.

Like the part-time professor who begins a full workday at 7am and upon returning home, after putting her kids to bed, undertakes to patiently coach me (over the telephone at 9pm) through a tough Accounting assignment. In doing so, she inspires me to conquer my fear of Quant.

The caliber, commitment, and quality of Schulich’s faculty and students are outstanding. They consistently amaze and impress me.

I’m so proud of each of my classmates’ amazing achievements, genuine humility, and strong commitment to helping each other succeed. And I know we will achieve great things, post-MBA. Together.

One year in, I can confidently say that I made the right choice for my MBA.


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