Become a Graduate Ambassador this Term!

We’re recruiting stand-out students to join our Graduate Ambassador team!

The Graduate Ambassador Program is the publicity arm of the Schulich School of Business.

Graduate Ambassadors volunteer their time to represent the values of the school, and help to improve the experience of current students, potential students, and guests.
As a Graduate Ambassador, you have an opportunity to participate in a flexible range of activities based on your interests and time. These include:

  • Connecting 1-1 with prospective students via e-mail, Skype or phone and sharing your experience with them
  • Contributing to the GradBlog, Schulich website and social media
  • Participating at recruitment events and Schulich’s graduate program open houses

We are recruiting motivated graduate students, particularly those in our one-year graduate programs, to join our team!

If you are…

  1. Of good academic standing with an overall GPA of at least 4.6, and never failed a course;
  2. Willing and able to undergo training on how to communicate with guests, do building tours, and present, among others; and respond to the call of duty;
  3. Sociable and accommodating;
  4. Have extensive knowledge of and passion for Schulich’s programs, activities, people, and community involvement; and
  5. Willing to make the time commitment,

…Get in touch! E-mail to add your name to the list and to be notified of upcoming ambassador events.

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