New Course for Fall 2023: Leading in Health Sector

  The healthcare industry is a large and constantly evolving sector encompassing healthcare services, pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, biologics, and veterinary healthcare. As of 2022, the global healthcare market was valued at approximately $11,908.9 billion. In Canada, the healthcare sector is a crucial aspect of the country's economy, contributing 12.2% to the gross domestic product (GDP). [...]

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Strategy Field Study (‘601’) Alternative

Global Immersive Option | BRAZIL and ISRAEL Attention MBA students! Are you interested in… internationalizing your MBA? travelling to Brazil or Israel to work with real companies on real business challenges? completing your 601 requirements? Then consider the GIO! The Global Immersive Option (GIO) is an alternative 601 project that provides students the opportunity to work [...]

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Important Changes to the MBA Sustainability Specialization

Sustainability-related issues are now at the forefront of both global society and management practice. Whether it be organizational efforts related to decarbonization, decolonization, or diversity, managers are increasingly tasked with designing, orchestrating, and measuring organizational efforts to engage in more sustainable business practices. We are excited to share that the MBA specialization in Sustainability and the [...]

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8th Annual Sports, Media & Entertainment Career Fair

On Thursday, January 26, Schulich School of Business will stage its 8th annual Sports, Media & Entertainment Career Fair, presented by York Sports Business Association. The Fair, which is the only event of its kind in Canada, will provide students with an opportunity to explore careers with leading organizations in the creative industries. Companies will [...]

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