by Awani Kulkarni, Graduate Ambassador Coordinator

The 2018-19 Graduate Ambassadors were a phenomenal group dedicated to sharing the Schulich experience with prospective students. By taking part in Schulich’s numerous recruitment efforts, our Grad Ambassadors helped many students feel more confident in taking the step to pursue a Master’s degree.

The Graduate Ambassador Program was a success because it consisted of students who were willing to take time out of their already busy schedules to help share their experiences and insights.  Our Graduate Ambassadors connected 1-1 with prospective students and applicants, helped organize class visits and building tours, and assisted in events throughout the year. The enthusiasm of the Ambassadors helped create a welcoming environment for new students and those considering Schulich, and has been appreciated by many of the participants at Schulich events.

Above: A group of Graduate Ambassadors in attendance at the Graduate Ambassador Appreciation Event, April 17. (Not all Graduate Ambassadors are pictured)

The following Ambassadors were recognized for their substantial contributions to the program throughout the year:

  1. Terence Chee
  2. Jennifer Wright
  3. Umehani Kanga
  4. Kike Oyerinde
  5. Shaunak Parkhi
  6. Catherine Melo
  7. Kristyn Nazareth
  8. Mona Mann
  9. Cole Winston

This year, the Outstanding Graduate Ambassador Award was presented to a student who has consistently committed to the program, and has gone above and beyond expectations in engaging with prospective and newly admitted students throughout the year.

We are so pleased to announce that Shomik Roy (MBA candidate 2019) was the winner of the Outstanding Graduate Ambassador Award for the 2018-19 academic year.

In the time that Shomik has been part of the Graduate Ambassador Program, he has had a significant impact on the Schulich community. From connecting with many students in person, to participating in recruitment events, webinars, and panel discussions, Shomik has always shown willingness to help the SSIR team with its recruitment activities. Shomik says that he signed up to be a Graduate Ambassador to make friends and in turn, became instrumental to SSIR’s recruitment initiatives in the process of meeting new people.

Congratulations Shomik and thank-you to all of our Graduate Ambassadors for your service to the Schulich community this year!