This Winter term, take the opportunity to earn credit while you work one-on-one with an entrepreneurial or venture capital mentor in real time!

As this award-winning course enters its second year, a select group of students will be matched with a Mentor (Founder or Venture Capital Leader). Work with your Mentor as they assess challenges and opportunities at placement sites within Toronto’s Innovation Ecosystem.

Who Is This Course For?

This is a great opportunity if your post-graduation plans include any of the following:

  • Starting your own company
  • Working with a start-up founder as a Chief of Staff or similar role
  • Becoming a Professional Venture Investor

What is the Time Commitment & Credit Weight?

The Mentorship Match program will require that you complete 215 hours (an average of 18 hours per week), and will earn you 6.00 academic credits upon completion. Mentors are committed to meeting for an average of 2-3 hours per week on objectives and project work. Your time will be a combination of on-site and remote work; however it’s recommended that you spend at least 70% of your time on-site to get the best possible experience. You will need to ensure you have enough time and space in your schedule to fulfill the obligations of this opportunity.

Next Steps: How Do I Apply?

Read the full Student Outline (linked below) carefully. To apply, students must submit a letter of application to the Course Instructor, Chris Carder, at indicating which of the two Venture Match Types you are interested in (or if you are open to either type of match).

Applications open on October 1st and must be submitted by the end of day (EOD) on Thursday October 15th.

Applications should include the following types of information (not all required):

  • Current/Past Startup Experience (Staff/Founder)
  • Relevant Courses Studying/Studied
  • Schulich Startups Community Contributions/Participation
  • Personal Passion for Startup/Innovation Sector
  • Other Relevant Work/Leadership Experience

ENTR 6960: Mentorship Match Student Outline [READ IN FULL]