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Consider specializing in Investment Management with the following electives.

Investment Management focuses on the design, marketing and trading of financial instruments, including bonds, stocks and derivative securities. To specialize in this stream, you must take the following two electives.

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FINE 6800 3.00 U: Options, Futures & Other Derivative Securities 

Offered Fall 2020, Mondays, 7:00pm -10:00pm EST/EDT
Instructor: Yisong Tian
Enrol with catalogue: B07W01

This course explains the way in which derivative securities such as options, futures contracts, forward contracts, swaps and interest rate caps can be valued. It discusses arbitrage relationships, risk neutral valuation, the creation of options synthetically, numerical procedures and the evaluation of credit risk.

Prerequisite: FINE 6200 3.00
Course credit exclusion: SB/FNEN 6810.030 (either SB/FINE 6800.030 or SB/FNEN 6810.030, but not both, may be taken for credit)

FINE 6400 3.00 A: International Financial Management 
Offered Fall 2020, Thursdays, 2:30pm – 5:30pm EST/EDT 

Instructor: Gregory Pau
Enrol with catalogue: E61J01

The most pervasive problems faced by international managers are those resulting from currency differences and currency risks. This course applies financial and economic theory to the international financing and investment decisions of corporations, financial institutions and individual investors. Reduction of risk through use of forward exchange markets and hedging will be examined. The various methods of moving liquid assets and their constraints will be considered. Capital budgeting decisions and issues regarding capital structure, where the assets and sources of financing are in different economies, are also studied. An extension of the Capital Asset Pricing Model to an integrated world model is considered. A term paper is usually required.

Prerequisite for MBA students: SB/FINE 6100.030 (It is recommended that students take SB/ECON 6510.030 before commencing this course)

Prerequisite for IMBA students: All 5100-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses (SB/FINE 6100.030 is recommended)