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Tips, Tricks and Best Practices to Master Your Pitch

Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec (CNTAE) is one of the largest post-secondary marketing competitions in Canada. The program is partnered with many Fortune 500 companies who put their reputation in the hands of Canada’s top Marketing students. Every year, a program partner gives Top Ad competitors a case that features a real-world problem that the company is currently facing. Participants on Top Ad have the opportunity to solve a company’s case and have their solutions implemented. In a previous year, the “Don’t just drive. CRUZE.” slogan from Chevrolet came from one of the participants in our program.

This year, students have a chance to win a grand total of $30,000 presented by Canadian Tire Corporation. Career beginnings are also offered by program partners and other companies. With Top Ad history spanning over a decade and currently entering its 12th year, the program has already facilitated over 65 career beginnings and awarded countless prizes with a total aggregate value over $500, 000. The competition is easily the largest for business students across Canada, with more than 30+ schools participating each year. Students who are looking for opportunities to challenge themselves, gain valuable experience, and further their marketing strategy skills are encouraged to get involved.

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