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In this era of globalization, and to thrive in a business school environment as diverse as Schulich, it is important for students to build their cultural competence. Come March 3rd, the International Affairs team of Graduate Business Council brings to you “Cross-Cultural Questival”. It is a workshop that consists of a training session to empower students with the tools and mindset to better understand other cultural groups and increase collaboration in diversity through team building activities.

This initiative is led by GBC International Affairs Director, Caria Wei, and aims to provide the Mantra for building cross-cultural relationships and excelling in the global workplaces.  The session is going to be conducted by Lew Bayer, CEO of Civility Expert Inc. and will empower the graduate students to eliminate cultural boundaries at school/workplace.

To add the fun element to this event, the workshop will be followed by “Escape Game” in Downtown Toronto. It is a team building activity that involves solving a series of puzzles to escape from a locked setting.

Excited to Participate? Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Register as a team of 5 by sending an email before Feb 25th to GBCInternational@Schulich.Yorku.ca. The mail should be sent by the Team Lead and include Team Name, Name & Nationalities of the 5 members along with their e-mail addresses. There should be atleast two nationalities represented in the team.
  2. You can pay on tilt individually or as a team. (25$ per participant)
  3. In case you need to find other interested team members to form a diverse team, join the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/500735773430509/

Know more about Questival on http://gbcschulich.com/cross-cultural-questival/

For any queries, please contact Caria Wei at GBCInternational@Schulich.Yorku.Ca

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