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Grounds for Appeal

A student may appeal to the Schulich Appeals Officer (the Associate Dean, Academic, or in his/her absence, the Director of the student’s degree program) to have a grade changed on the following grounds only:

  1. A clerical error has resulted in a miscalculation of the grade.
  2. A computational grade awarded did not fairly reflect the student’s academic performance according to the grading system used by the instructor.

In the case of (2), the student needs to submit as part of the appeal a compelling argument why she/he thinks the grading is wrong or, if grading is relative in the course or assignment under dispute, inconsistent with that of his/her peers.

For full procedural guidelines, visit http://ada.schulich.yorku.ca/teaching-learning/grade-appeal/

Contact ada@schulich.yorku.ca if you have questions.

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