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Your time to stand out, to inspire, to bond, and to grow.

Pioneers of the tech ecosystem, rising stars and entrepreneurs in the making, we call upon you to unlock your doors and to shine light on what makes your city special: YOU.

Made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, Startup Open House has brought together high growth startups with their local community of job seekers, investors and curious neighbors. The formula is simple: for one evening, open the doors of your office to the public and greet them as you see fit!

Why join the SOH movement?

Get Genuine Exposure:
This is a chance to display your true identity, to showcase your accomplishments and to share your struggles. This is a chance to get real about what it takes to work in the startup environment, to spread your passion and to demonstrate grit.

Opening our doors to really what is our home, the home we call work
Warren Levitan – Cofounder of Smooch

Trigger New Opportunities:
In the crowd, you might find the awesome UX designer you have been looking for, or the investor who will propel you to new heights. SOH exists to help you make those fruitful connections and to broaden your perspectives.

SOH opens our eyes to just how much is going on around us. It is a way of learning and hearing what is happening outside of our walls.
Sean Tyson – Cofounder of Quietly

Make an Impact in Your Community:
By opening your doors, you take part in stimulating the entrepreneurial community in your city, and in spreading the startup culture. The brighter you shine, the brighter your community shines.

One thing that I love about SOH is that it brings to the forefront all the work that is being done in Toronto and in Canada. It ignites passion and a sense that you are not alone in the community of people who are taking these risks, who are building these products, who are following their dream.

90+ Startups registered:


Visit https://www.startupopenhouse.com/edition/5b455ebfe146020015adafe3 for more information, registration and location details

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