The decision to go on exchange is, without a doubt, a tough one. Schulich offers many electives that are very appealing in a variety of disciplines. Let’s be honest…we all chose to go to Schulich for a variety of reasons…reputation, professors, options to major in specific fields…so why should you go on exchange?

Well…what does “going global” mean to you?

The reality is…in every workplace, even right here in Toronto, you will encounter someone from a different culture, a different country or even someone who is comfortable in an entirely different language…now imagine you can interact with this individual given your experience in a foreign country?  You truly become an asset to both a company and the community at large. Where can you get this kind of exposure?

Welcome to the Schulich exchange program. I love to travel…I love languages and culture; I am intrigued by international people; how they live, what they study, the language they speak on a day to day basis.  For me, this was a major attraction of the Schulich exchange program. Living in Toronto is definitely a comfort. On a daily basis we are surrounded by a multicultural group of people who cause us to question our daily habits and way of being. Now, imagine catapulting yourself into such an individual’s home country…living, working and even speaking their daily language and learning their way of being. The Schulich exchange program offers you such a unique opportunity… if you are up to the challenge of living in another culture and studying a semester abroad, I urge you to undertake this tremendous opportunity.  Without a doubt, it is my most memorable MBA experience and something I will draw from in years to come.

While it is possible to learn many business practices and business etiquette from a textbook, actually living these differences is such an amazing lesson in your MBA program. Understanding the German approach to business and actually studying in Germany for four months gave me such an extensive understanding of German business practices, European policies in general and the German language as well.

Where would you like to go?

The beauty of the Schulich exchange program is your ability to choose from a variety of exchange destinations; from Australia to Germany, to Chile….if you would like to develop some language skills, you have the option to undertake courses in a foreign language. If you are more interested in the cultural aspect, many schools offer English courses to enable you to study in a comfortable language while exposing yourself to the local environment.

Personally, I chose to do an exchange in German. In addition to studying, my term abroad allowed me to travel to neighbouring countries like Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland and also to attend many cultural festivals like Oktoberfest. The memories from a semester studying abroad go far beyond meeting new classmates and learning new material.

So if you are still trying to decide whether to go on exchange, ask yourself the following questions: Would you like an adventure? Would you like the opportunity to learn the business culture in an entirely new country?  When is the next time you will have the possibility to go abroad?  Remember…this is not an opportunity that comes every day. The Schulich exchange program offers you these opportunities; the opportunity to explore and discover a new country. I wish you the best of luck in whatever country you are in.

Eva Reddington (Mannheim, Germany)