Coming in Winter 2016: Healthcare Stakeholders and Innovation

Today’s health challenges demand that stakeholders (healthcare providers, institutional managers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, policy makers, etc.) be aware of each other’s roles, values, responsibilities and perspectives.

In this exciting new course, students will map and model the various stakeholders and the challenges they face in influencing each other in order to facilitate investment, innovation and transformation in healthcare. Students will learn how to identify innovation opportunities, develop compelling business cases and will also analyze business cases from the perspectives of the different stakeholders.

Prerequisites: All 5100-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses or permission of instructor(s).

Course Instructors

Isaac Gould

Research interests:

  • Trends and challenges facing healthcare leaders/managers
  • Canadian healthcare, system or appearance of system
  • Public/private debates
  • Entrepreneurship and health technology

Dr Jane Cooke-Lauder

Research interests:

  • Evolution of the health system
  • New models of governance, business, care and care delivery
  • Knowledge generation and application/implementation science
  • Leadership and system dynamics

This course can now be found in Schulich’s Winter 2016 Course Offerings.