The following advice was submitted and put together by Schulich graduate Ari Sefton, (MBA ’16) as he finished his program in 2016.

Provided by his colleagues during their last days at Schulich, the insights shared are particularly helpful today, on the first day of Fall term classes. We’re re-posting some of the advice shared, in the hope that it will help you feel better prepared for the days ahead – and to remind you that the Schulich community is a great resource to you on your graduate journey! Good luck!

 Dear Myself on my First Day of Classes…

by Ari Sefton, MBA 2016

“I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger” – Ooh La La by The Faces

Today I finished my last exam of my MBA. With only one project left before I finish I have been reflecting a lot on what I’ve learned in the past two years. I began wondering what I might say to myself on the first day of classes. Maybe it would be something that I learned too late, or wish I had known two years ago. Turns out, some fellow soon-to-be graduates were wondering the same thing. Instead of writing myself, I wanted to give them the opportunity to share their own “Insights to Myself on the First Day of the MBA.”

Good luck to all of our new students this year!