It was announced earlier this term that Dr. Markus Giesler’s Customer Experience Design will be the first-ever MBA course to be featured exclusively by the American Marketing Association. On a regular basis, members of the CED Class of 2015 will present a customer experience piece on‘s MBA Perspectives Blog.

Congratulations to our Customer Experience Design MBAs, who have published their first AMA Column!

Schulich MBA candidates Juan Aja Aguinaco, Ritish Bansal, Raheem Ladha, Nidhish Nair, and Marina Proskurovsky discuss the ways that Harley Davidson has made a strategic transition toward adopting tenets of retro branding in an effort to connect with a new Millennial male market. The shift has occurred in response to the aging of its original Baby Boomer target.

How does Harley Davidson pair a compelling story with a contemporary moral stance?

How does it manage to re-market its enduring brand message of sweet rebellion?

Find out (and learn about the key elements of retro branding strategy) by reading the full article here.

Way to go CED students!