How much do YOU know about tax planning? Credit ratings? Your financial future?

For any Schulich student, it’s critical that you have a certain level of financial literacy.

With this in mind, the Bronfman Business Library has undertaken an important initiative to boost financial literacy education here at Schulich. This month they’ll be offering three workshops with a free lunch included! Sign up, enjoy a lunch-and-learn session, and enhance your understanding of important personal finance information.

 1.       Tax Planning for University Students with Prof. Joanne Magee | Nov. 4, 12:30pm-1:30pm

This lunchtime talk will be presented by Joanne Magee, an Associate Professor at York University’s School of Administrative Studies and School of Public Policy & Administration. Professor Magee will discuss why it’s important for students to file a tax return every year and how students can use a number of tax rules when filing their return to help offset the cost of college and university.

2.       The Amazing Financial Race Workshop with Credit Canada Debt Solutions | Nov. 11, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Are you interested in playing games, while also building your financial literacy skills? Then check out The Amazing Race workshop run by Credit Canada Debt Solutions! This fun and interactive session will cover topics such as signing contracts, using credit cards, fraud and identify theft, using money and budgeting.

3.       Own Your Financial Future: Managing Debt & Making Credit Work for You with CPA Canada | Nov. 18, 12:30pm-1:30pm
This workshop will be run by CPA Canada. By attending this workshop, students will gain a better understanding of what credit is, how it works, and the value of having a good credit rating. Finally, students will learn about some practical ways they can take control of their finances.

To sign up for the workshops visit the Financial Literacy Month website, which has been set up with event registrations, useful resources and information on the Library’s social media contest!