Four brave members of Schulich’s MBA Games Team are about to get the ultimate holiday haircut.

These students are raising funds to voluntarily wax their chests in the name of charity. The caveat: each individual will only have his chest waxed if $1,000 is raised.

All proceeds go to The Moose Hide Campaign, the official fundraising partner for MBA Games 2018. “The Moose Hide Campaign is a meaningful, grassroots campaign started in Victoria, B.C. to stand against violence against women and children,” says Catherine Sim, GBC Athletics Director. The movement is spearheaded by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men who are allies and advocates for families’ safety and protection. Learn more here!

Should $1,000 be raised, waxing will take place at the GBC Holiday Party on Friday, December 15th.

So who are the lucky volunteers – and how are they feeling about the fundraiser?

“When the idea was first proposed, I think the volunteers went along with it because they didn’t think they’d actually be able to get $1,000 in support.” says Catherine. “However, just two days into the initiative, some volunteers have already reached 20% of the fundraising goal. I can see that some of them are getting nervous, but they’re ready to take on anything!”

Hear what some of Schulich’s woolly warriors have to say:

Morgan McNaughton (left): Ever since I was a boy I dreamt of running – running faster than anyone. Though I was blessed, and cursed, with Scottish blood, the chest foliage that I was gifted with has continued slow me down. The possibility of having a streamlined body and being that much closer to my childhood dream is all I could hope for this MBA Games.




Joe Flagler (right): I think this is great ! A hairless body is truly more aerodynamic! And what many people don’t know is that Morgan has a dream. Since boyhood Morgan has dreamt of running the 100m in 15 seconds or less – and getting him to the $1000 mark just gets him that much closer to his goal. As for me? I think a donation for me should really be a donation for Morgan. Let’s help him crush his goal.

Russell Morrison feels his sentiments are best conveyed with a poem:

 Follicular Angst
O chest hair, my sweet chest hair,
I’ll miss you as a horse misses his best mare
Where you’ll go, I cannot hope to guess where,
But as you leave you’ll no doubt hear my repressed swear.


Join the fun, support a fantastic cause, and support some brave gentlemen with lots of spirit.