This post is part of the Spotlight on Specializations series, where we explore some of the rewarding and interesting areas of study offered in the Schulich I/MBA. Connecting with students and faculty, the series will shed light on how specializing can provide you with exciting career and learning opportunities.


Joseph Mapa 


Adjunct Professor & Executive Director

Health Industry Management Program – a Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialization Schulich School of Business | York University


Q1. Why should I consider a specialization in Health Industry Management?

Healthcare spending represents 11% of Canada’s GDP, spanning publicly funded institutions and private sector business. The healthcare industry requires a broad range of highly specialized business/management practitioners with skills ranging from strategic planning, analytics, IT, finance, marketing and operational management.  Healthcare sector is both dynamic and robust. The work is consequential, significant, rewarding, and full of opportunities. Given its growth, there is a strong demand for business professionals that will drive innovation, creative thinking and necessary change in this vital sector.

Q2. How do the courses offered prepare me to be successful in this Industry?

The mission of HIMP is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to manage and lead in this dynamic sector. We deliver industry focused courses that combine intellectual content with career based insights. The goal of our courses is to enable students to leverage their learnings in pursuing exciting career opportunities and growth in this industry. To this end, and based on consultations from alumni, industry leaders and students, we designed 4 core courses focused on the public sector, the private sector, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as a grounding in health economics- all led and individually mentored by faculty and sector leaders and all built on core MBA courses that you have taken in year 1.

Q3. What type of careers are available to me with this specialization?

There are vast career opportunities both in the public (hospitals, home care, long term care, government) and private (pharma, consulting, medical devices, start ups, private clinics and other providers) sectors.  The jobs opportunities span every area including planners, analysts, project management leads, sales and marketing, managers, business development and change management.


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