Student & Enrolment Services has moved next door! Please note that our main entrance is now located at W263 on the second floor of the Schulich building.

Student & Enrolment Services will have extended hours until 7:00 pm and all day drop-in advising (no appointment necessary) for the first week of classes (September 11 – 14).

Normal business hours resume on September 15 (Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM).

Who Are We?

Student & Enrolment Services (SES) is part of the Student Services & International Relations (SSIR) team, here to support you in pursuit of success in your program.
We help you navigate your course enrolment, academic concerns, program requirements and other processes that involve academic policy, services, promotion, records and governance.

Here are some of the things you may visit us for:

  • Academic Advising: You can book an appointment online with an academic advisor for 1-1 meetings in-person, via phone or over Skype at Nadal or the Keele campus.
  • Course Enrolment: We are your first point of contact for questions regarding your class (or cohort) schedule. If you’re confused about prerequisites, wait list assessments, elective courses or anything to do with planning your academic term, reach out!
  • Academic Policy & Regulations: We work with students through processes such as appeals, petitions and breaches of academic honesty. For additional details about these very important processes and policies, it’s important that you review the Graduate Policy Handbook.
  • Academic Forms & Records: We also update and verify your student record to ensure that you’re enrolled in the proper core courses and capstones, and to upload your final grades. Need a letter of enrolment verification? Use our online Letter Request Form here. View the Graduate Academic Forms database for other important academic form submissions, including your application to graduate, switch your status from full-time to part-time, and enrol with instructor permission.
  • Financial Aid & International Relations: These two units also support your academic journey and can be accessed through our new entrance.
  • The Current Student Experience: We work with various other groups at Schulich to bring you important resources like your academic handbooks, student blogs, academic workshops and prep courses. We always welcome collaboration and feedback about ways we can keep improving your experience as a student!


We wish you a successful start of term, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Questions? Book a 1-1 advising appointment or e-mail us at