It’s that time! With the end of term right around the corner, here are some helpful resources and reminders to finish the semester -and the year!-with success.

Fall 2015 exams run from December 12-18.

Find the exam schedule on the Schulich website under “Enrolling in Classes.”

If you miss a final exam due to unforeseen circumstances, you must contact the Director of Student and Enrolment Services, Keshia Gray within 24 hours of missing the exam.

If you are unable to write the exam due to illness, you must submit an Attending Physician’s Statement to Student & Enrolment Services (W262P).

For students taking classes out of faculty please follow the revised exam schedule as posted by the Registrar’s Office. If there are any conflicts, please visit Student & Enrolment Services.

Exam Resources & Stress Management

Preparing for and writing exams can be stressful. We’ve compiled some links to resources that you may find helpful during this time:

General Exam Information

  • Repeated or additional assignments and exams are not given in the Schulich School of Business to provide the student with a chance of improving the course grade.
  • Examination booklets/answer sheets become the property of the University and are retained for the full Fall or Winter term immediately following the term in question.
  • No examinations or tests (in-class or take-home) collectively worth more than 20% of the course grade are permitted during the final 14 calendar days of classes in any Schulich course. Excepted are courses that run on weekends, courses in compressed terms, and courses with 6.00 or more contact hours per week. An assignment is not considered a take-home examination if students have at least two weeks to complete it.
  • If cheating is identified, the matter will be documented (written up) by the invigilator or instructor and forwarded immediately to the Associate Dean, Academic for action.

Exam Conflicts

An exam conflict is categorized as:

  1. two exams at the same time; or
  2. three exams in the same day; or
  3. three exams in three consecutive periods within 24 hours.

To avoid conflicts students are encouraged to consult the exam timetable on the Schulich website before enrolling in classes.  If students are faced with an exam conflict they are asked to discuss the matter with the instructors of the conflicting courses. They may approach the Office of the Associate Dean, Academic (Room N230) for help with making alternate arrangements based on their exam schedules.