It’s hard to believe amidst sub-zero temperatures, but it’s time to think about the Summer term!

Here are some general enrolment reminders. Please note that additional course enrolment details specific to your program will be e-mailed to you next week.

  • Summer 2017 course offerings are available on the Schulich Course Offerings website.
  • Summer enrolment begins March 1st. To determine your specific date for enrolment, visit the
    Registrar’s Office website and select “Find out when I can enrol.”
  • Your enrolment window will be March 1, 2 or 3 depending on the number of credits you’ve completed. Students can enrol in up to 15.00 credits until March 13. The system will be shut down on March 14 and reopen on March 15 to allow full-time students to enrol in up to 18.00 credits if they wish. (Enrolment window dates available Feb. 6 on York website)
  • You must have an outstanding balance of less than $1000 or you will be blocked from Summer enrolment.
  • A reminder that students are allowed to take a term off without penalty. For students who wish to take two or more consecutive terms off, a petition is required. Please submit a Graduate Academic Petition Form to Student & Enrolment Services with a rationale and supporting documentation (if necessary).
  • If you wish to change your status from full-time to part-time (or vice versa) for the Summer term, you will need to submit an Enrolment Status Change form by April 28, 2017.
  • Visit the Important Dates website to view Summer start and end dates.

Friendly Reminder: the drop deadline for W2 courses is March 10.

Questions about enrolment? Book a 1-1 advising appointment to clarify any concerns you may have or to confirm your progress to graduation.