You’ve met your new Graduate Business Council President.
You’ve familiarized yourself with the GBC’s events and services.

But as a student at SBI, you might be wondering: How can I stay involved and be represented by the GBC when its members are so far away?
Catherine Farrell wants Schulich students in India to know that you’re every bit a part of this community as your Canadian counterparts! A word from the President:

The Schulich campus in India is an integral part of the Schulich community and the GBC is committed to providing events and support for Schulich India students. Here are a few things we will be doing over the coming year to ensure the GBC is as inclusive as possible for Schulich India students:

  1. Santosh Prasad, the GBC Director of International Affairs, will have a weekly skype meeting with the Schulich India President once they are elected in September in order to keep the Schulich India campus informed of all GBC updates. This meeting will also allow us to, in turn, be informed of any Schulich India updates. Check out Santosh’s profile on the GBC Executive Team page here.
  2. A monthly skype conference will be arranged where the GBC International Affairs Director and myself, the GBC President, will be available to speak with any Schulich India student about any comments, questions or concerns students may have. This is in addition to all support the GBC would normally provide any student who emails us or contacts us with comments, questions and concerns.
  3. A portion of the weekly GBC executive meeting and general council meeting will be dedicated to Schulich India updates when applicable.
  4. We will provide support and best practice ideas for events taking place on the Schulich India campus.

We want to give students at Schulich in India as much of a chance to participate in GBC and Schulich events as possible! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out.

Wishing you all an incredible year!