I’m going to Madrid on exchange. Yeah that’s right! I’m skipping the Canadian winter to spend 4 months in Spain. Not a bad way to finish my MBA, wouldn’t you say?

So why did I choose Spain?
The culture, YES!
The sites, YES!
The history, YES!
The school, ABSOLUTELY!

Going on exchange is as much about the country as it is the school. Picking your destination is really about finding that perfect fit:

–        a country you want to visit
–        a culture you’re interested in learning more about
–        a school that only fits your career needs but maybe even offers you things Schulich can’t

I hope all of you can find that perfect fit.

Then, when it comes time for the interview, that fit is what you talk about.

–        Tell them how this school fulfills your professional goals (do your research so you can be specific – e.g. I am focusing in marketing and want to work in Luxury products and this school is renowned internationally for its courses and connections to this industry)
–        Tell them how this country fits your personal interests and personal goals (e.g. I’ve always wanted to learn German and spending 4 months in Berlin would be such a great foundation)
–        Explain to them how this school in this country is the made for you and where you are at in your life

Trust me, that’ll be hard proposal to say no to.

And for those that considered going on exchange but maybe had some concerns or doubts, contact Cheryl from the International Relations Office, it’s never too late!

Written by Kareem Aly

For more details about the Exchange Program:

Cheryl Stickley, Graduate International Program Coordinator
416 736 2100 ext. 22811