Classes begin on Monday, January 8. Student and Enrolment Services (W263) will have extended drop-in hours from January 8 – 11 (9:00 am – 7:00 pm). No appointment necessary.

  • The deadline to submit an Enrolment Status Change Form to switch from full-time to part-time (or vice-versa) for Winter 2018 was January 2, 2018. We will extend this deadline to January 4, 2018. Students wishing to switch after January 4 will need to submit a petition for consideration.
  • The Winter 2018 waitlist is being assessed daily. We are also conducting pre-requisite checks and will be de-enrolling students who lack pre-requisites and does not have the instructor’s permission. Please note that after January 12, enrolment in courses will only be permitted by submitting a completed Enrol with Instructor Permission form.
  • Your attendance is being monitored. Instructors can request students be de-enrolled from their course for not attending the first and/or second class. If you have extenuating circumstances for missing class(es), please notify your instructor in advance.