MBA students: Some of you may notice a minor change in your Winter 2018 timetable.

SGMT 6000 3.00 has been changed to SGMT 6901 3.00. As we are preparing to introduce a revised curriculum, we are retiring the course code SGMT 6000 3.00. As a result, SGMT 6901 3.00 will replace SGMT 6000 in your degree requirements. The course is still titled Strategic Management.

What Does This Mean for My Schedule?

If you were already enrolled in SGMT 6000 for Winter: No action is required on your part. If you are affected by the change, Student & Enrolment Services has already transferred you to the new course code. The date, time, location and instructor have not changed.

If you plan to enrol in SGMT 6000 for Winter: You will enrol in SGMT 6901 3.00 instead. The course is listed on the Schulich course offering website.


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