“My exchange in Madrid was the experience of a lifetime! It gave me the opportunity to learn from international students, make new friends and to explore Europe.”

My exchange at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain was an incredible experience! It taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and to work with diverse cultures. Not only did it enrich my MBA experience, but it also enabled me to travel in Europe for an extended period of time. My exchange helped me to stand out at networking functions, interviews and also in my current job. Many people have an MBA but not alot of people have had the opportunity to go on exchange. Every time I tell people, recruiters or colleagues that I studied on exchange in Spain, it becomes an immediate ice-breaker and it makes my profile unique and interesting. I had several job interviews during the year and in fact, my experience in Spain made me stand out from the rest of the candidates. I have landed a Management Rotational Program position at TD Bank. As a Management Associate, I am required to change roles every 6 months, meaning that I have to be flexible to change. I demonstrated my ability to adapt quickly in changing environments by studying abroad on exchange. I would say that my exchange experience definitely gave me a competitive advantage when it came time for full-time employment recruiting. When I look back on my MBA experience, I am happy to think of the fond memories, international experience and new friends I gained in Madrid. I would highly recommend you consider studying on exchange during your MBA program!

Alicia Leung
IE – Madrid, Spain

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