The Executive Ambassador team works within the Division of Student Services and International Relations to help improve the prospective and current student experience at Schulich, and to manage the Graduate Ambassador program. These six individuals are your point of contact if you’d like to volunteer your time at Schulich, connect with prospective or newly admitted students, or assist at recruitment events. 

This post is part of a series in which the six members of the executive ambassador team will introduce themselves in more detail. To learn more about the Graduate Ambassador program, click here.

Hello Graduate Ambassadors!

My name is Arthur Li, currently a second-year IMBA student. I graduated with both M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Uhead shot of Arthur Li standing in the Schulich courtyardniversity of Toronto, where I was trained in formulating and inventing pills, creams, as well as prescription gummy bears and lollipops!

With the goal of expanding my skill set beyond a laboratory setting, I joined the Schulich IMBA in 2015, bringing my experience in university teaching, scientific research and entrepreneurship. This past summer, I finished my internship in a rotational managerial role in the departments of human resources, quality control, medical affairs, and information of a large Chinese hospital. More about that here.

Immediately after my admission to Schulich, I was connected with a Graduate Ambassador, Tony, who played a fundamental role in my smooth transition to the IMBA program. Realizing the positive impact of Graduate Ambassadors, I tried to assist future students in a similar way. Becoming an Executive Ambassador will allow me to better serve my goal of enhancing the Schulich experience for a greater number of students.


This article was written in 2016 by:
Zheng (Arthur) Li, MBA, MSc
Founder, Acroiss Business Consulting
Management Consulting for Science Ventures |