The Fall 2016 Awards and Scholarships Application is now open.

Please carefully read the attached document for important information about the awards and scholarships application and adjudication process.

To help you with the application process, you should:

  • Review the attached Excel file containing all the Awards and Scholarships that are available in Fall 2016.
  • Choose which awards you would like to apply for and ensure that they are selected in the application form.
  • Prepare a list of your extracurricular and volunteering experiences that you can enter into the application form.
  • Draft a personal statement that explains why you should be selected to receive a particular award. There will be a section in the application form to paste that information.

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  • Degree seeking students who are registered as active, subject to award criteria.
  • Students who are on exchange but are paying fees to Schulich are eligible to apply.
  • Diploma students are not eligible to apply to awards unless otherwise specified.
  • Joint program students may apply if they are registered as active at Schulich in Fall 2016.
  • Students can’t hold the same continuing award more than once unless no other eligible candidates exist.


The continuing bursary application for Fall 2016 will close on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.

Only students were selected to receive an award will be notified by early December.


The bursary application form can be accessed during the period specified by going to:

Students will be required to login using their Passport York account.


Students who resume their application after saving their application form will need to edit any field on the page in order to be able to continue to the next page.

OSOTF (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund) /OTSS (Ontario Trust for Student Support) Guidelines

Many awards listed in the Excel file and application indicate that students must satisfy OSOTF or OTSS residency requirements to apply. Students who have been Ontario residents for a minimum 12-month period prior to the start of their study period are eligible to apply for these awards. In addition, students must be either Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants or Protected Persons and must be able to demonstrate financial need.