The DARE program was created to invest in you  – CANADA’S TOP TALENT!

With an enterprise as big and diverse as Walmart, we’ve got roles to suit any taste or interest. Be it numbers and finance, problem solving and logistics, or the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives— this is that place.

The DARE Program is all about you: designed to let you customize your career path so that you get to do your best work, right where you want to be.

And your work will impact everything we do, from the ground up.


At Walmart, we’re a team—and we’ve proudly cultivated a company culture of collaboration, diversity, and support. You’ll receive 1-on-1 mentorship from Senior business leaders who will not only help hone your skills on the job, but also demonstrate how we live our values of support and inclusion, every single day.

DARE is an award-winning, early-in-career program that’s revolutionizing how Walmart develops our people—and we’re seeking high-potential talent like YOU.

The Program

The program begins with a full year rotation of foundational learning through various roles across our organization. You’ll be tasked with solving the kinds of real-world operational problems that arise in our industry—and with as many locations as we have, there’s no shortage of fresh challenges.

Once you’ve earned experience and built invaluable relationships in the field, DARE provides you six monthsin business-critical roles, with real responsibility from day one.

From there? You get to pursue your passion and choose the stream that most interests you. Want to lead a team to new heights? Crunch numbers with a retail powerhouse? Or help our entire company operate, behind the scenes? No matter your passion, you can launch your career and develop the skills you need to succeed.

The Bottom Line

We’re offering real-world learning and experience combined with the freedom to explore career options in whatever area fulfills you—because at Walmart, making people’s lives better is our definition of success.

Apply to the Walmart DARE Program today: