Here are some final reminders as you begin the Summer term!


What to know: Attendance is required at all classes, especially the first and second weeks. You can be de-enrolled if you do not attend the first (and/or second) class.
What to do: Consult with your instructor and Student and Enrolment Services for all absences, especially in the first two weeks.

Wait lists

What to know: Wait lists are assessed until the end of Week 1. If you miss your permission timeframe, space is granted to the next student.
What to do: Watch Lotus Notes email daily for permission if space becomes available.  Permission is not guaranteed; please ensure you are enrolled in a complete schedule in the event that permission is not granted.

Not enrolled in the first week?

What to know: After Week 1, you may only enrol into courses with the permission of the instructor. Instructors wishing to have students enrol in their class will indicate their approval by completing an Enrol with Instructor Permission Form.
What to do:
Find the form in your Graduate Academic Forms database, located in your Schulich student portal. You must initiate the request (For individual studies, use the Individual Study Form).

Enrol with Instructor Permission form during the following term dates only:

Term S: May 7 – 13
Term SW: April 30 – May 13
Term T: April 30 – May 6
Term E: May 7 – 13
Term G: June 18 – 24

All deadlines are strictly enforced! If you are unable to enrol by the deadline, please contact Student & Enrolment Services to discuss a revised study plan with an advisor at (416.736.5303).

Other Reminders

The deadline to change status from full-time to part-time and vice versa for Summer was April 28. Students wishing to change status must now complete the MBA Graduate Academic Petition Form available here.

Auditing: ’Auditing’ classes at Schulich is not permitted. You must be formally enrolled in all classes you are attending.

Academic Accommodation: Read more about the process that students with disabilities must follow to ensure that accommodations are in place in the classroom to promote your full academic ability.

601 Kick-Off: May 7, 2016, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Questions? Contact

Key Dates & Fees: Review Current Students Key Dates, the Summer Fees schedule and Summer Refund Table. Pay your account balance by May 10!

Questions? E-mail us at