MBA Summer 2016 Final Exam Schedules

Good Afternoon! The Summer 2016 MBA/IMBA, MFIN, MAcc, FNEN and FNSV final exam schedule is now available on the Schulich course offerings website. This includes exams for terms: E, G, H1, H2, S, SA, SW and T. Please review the schedule as soon as possible and reach out with any questions or clarifications to For [...]

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Countdown to Summer 2016 Term

The Countdown to Summer (classes) is on! Here's all you need to know about attending classes, enrolment, wait lists and academic accommodation. Attendance: Attendance is required at all classes. You can be de-enrolled if you do not attend the first and/or second class, unless you have an agreed upon absence ahead of time.  Solution?  Consult with your [...]

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June Convocation

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Here is a brief outline regarding what to do and expect at convocation on June 19, 2015 at 10am. 1. Ensure you RSVP on line at - have your credit card at the ready for robe rentals and a printer for printing guest tickets and confirmation DEADLINE: May 28, 2015 [...]

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Summer Grades & October Convocation

Summer 2013 Grade Reports Grades for Graduate Summer courses should now be online if the professor submitted them to Student Services. The grades will appear on the enrolment history. Online Grade Reports and decisions will be released on August 30th. You may access your enrolment history through the Current Students’ website. Grade reports include academic decisions for [...]

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