You are invited to Technology Themed Movie Nights

Dates: Thursdays, May 16th, May 23rd, May 30th

Location: N105 SSB

Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Format: Brief introduction of movie, playing of movie, followed by discussion

We will be using movies to learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applications of technology related to courses taught at the Schulich School of Business, particularly OMIS 3710 and OMIS 6710. In addition to Business and Economic contexts, Technology always operates in Social, Political, and Cultural contexts. Movies provide a useful medium for exploring our understanding of technology by providing thought provoking dramatizations in different contexts. Since the movies will be played after the OMIS 6710 Summer class on Thursday evenings, the Q&A will be focused on concepts from the course.  You may invite partners or friends to accompany you for the movies as long as they respect the space and purpose of the activity being for educational purposes in a post-secondary academic institution.

The following three movies that focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be shown this summer:


               i,ROBOT                                            HER                                         Ex Machina

Any questions please contact: Ushnish Sengupta: